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Building Regulations

Looking for more information on building regulations?  See below for an explanation of Building Regulations, as well as each of the Approved Documents for the technical parts of the requirements:


The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) publishes the 'Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet' which provides an introduction to the Building Regulations in England and Wales only and is intended for anyone proposing to carry out building regulations:


Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet


  1. General Introduction
  2. The building regulations
  3. How the building regulations apply in practice 
  4. Will the building regulations apply to the work I want to do? Questions and Answers
  5. The two types of building control service
  6. Contravention and Enforcement of the building regulations

 Building Regulations: Explanatory Booklet (PDF 1191Kb)


Approved Documents for the Technical Parts of the Building Regulations' requirements


The DCLG publishes the most recent versions of the Approved Documents for the fourteen technical "Parts" of the Building Regulations' requirements, and are accessible below:

Part A (Structural safety)


Approved Document A - Structure (2004 Edition)

Part A (Structural safety)


Approved Document B (Fire safety)  Volume 1: Dwellinghouses (2006 Edition)

Part B (Fire safety) - Volume 1: Dwellinghouses


Approved Document B - Volume 2 - Buildings other than dwellinghouses (2006 Edition)

Part B (Fire safety) - Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellinghouses


Approved Document C - Site preparation and resistance to contaminates and moisture (2004 Edition)

Part C (Resistance to contaminants and moisture)


Approved Document D - Toxic Substances

Part D (Toxic Substances)


Approved Document E - Resistance to the passage of sound

Part E (Resistance to sound)


Approved Document F - Ventilation (2010 edition)

Part F (Ventilation)


Approved Document G (Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency)

Part G (Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency)


Approved Document H - Drainage and Waste Disposal

Part H (Drainage and waste disposal)


Approved Document J - Combustion appliances and Fuel Storage systems (2010)

Part J (Heat producing appliances)


Approved Document K - Protection from falling, collision and impact

Part K (Protection from falling)


Approved Document L1A: Conservation of fuel and power (New dwellings) (2010 edition)

Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) (Link to download page)


Approved Document M - Access to and Use of Buildings

Part M (Access to and Use of Buildings)


Approved Document N : Glazing

Part N (Glazing safety)


Approved Document P: Electrical safety - dwellings (2006 edition)

Part P (Electrical Safety)


Workmanship and Materials

Workmanship and Materials