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About Surveymyhouse


Most people agree that competition is a good thing...

So who do Surveymyhouse compete with?  Well, it's no accident that we don't provide instant quotes, like a lot of insurance and financial companies do. Websites providing instant quotes work in such a different way that we're happy to provide you with their contact details - we don't see them as competition, but as a different service.

Our aim is to consistently get you great quotes from high quality surveyors - to get you the highest level of service at the best value in the market place.  That's why we're passionate about our feedback system, which makes surveyors accountable for their work and rewards good work by building their reputation.  It makes it easier to find high quality surveyors and for surveyors to find good quality jobs.

Come to think of it, we're not sure there is any competition who supports and promotes high quality work in the way we do. But if there is - we'd welcome it.