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Survey Types

Measured Building Survey

Not sure the difference between a Floor plan and a Measured building survey?  See below for more information:

Floor Plans
are suitable for marketing purposes by Estate Agents or for layout purposes.  They are considered an integral part of the sales brochure for marketing a property.  They are usually provided in PDF.

Measured Building Surveys are more detailed than a floor plan and used by Architects when designing buildings, extensions, alterations, etc.  The level of detail will be decided predominantly by the client and can include some or all of the below contents.  They are usually provided in AutoCAD dwg, or PDF.

Measured Building Survey and Floor Plans Comparison




Room Dimensions measured

Interior and exterior walls in plan


Door Frames

Built in amenities i.e. showers, closets, etc

Scale shown

Fixtures and Fittings


Internal Elevations

External Elevations*

Ceiling Plans

Building Cross Sections

Exact location of services (including electrical data points, incoming mains, plant, fire detection equipment, security equipment, etc)

Spot heights**

3D Services

*Typical Elevational Survey Includes:

  1. Outline of building and roofs
  2. Rainwater pipes and gutters
  3. Ground levels and steps
  4. Doors, windows, ventilation grilles, roof lights, other openings etc..
  5. Include mullions and transoms to windows (except for “leaded” lights)  and features such as projecting cill, splayed heads and reveals, stone or other quoins, special detail features at openings etc.
  6. Include indication and type (eg: top hung, vertical sliding sash etc) of windows designed to open
  7. Include door frames and door panelling, glazing etc, where appropriate
  8. String courses (projecting or flush) copings etc
  9. Chimney stacks, finials etc with string courses, features etc

**Typical Level/Height Information

  1. Ceiling heights above floor
  2. Archway heights above floor
  3. Windows – internal cill and head heights above floor
  4. Heights of : Doors above floor and threshold levels at external doors based upon topographical information if supplied.